2018: Population Studies, Immunotherapy, CRISPR, Genomic Medicine,…2019

2018 was full of significant developments in the life sciences, precision medicine, genetics, and genomics sector. Highlights and notable news included various technological advancements, new clinical applications of next-generation sequencing, success in population studies, genetics moving into the clinic, artificial intelligence and machine learning investments and potentials, immunotherapy further establishing itself as the leading weapon to attack cancer, the CRISPR technology being under fire, and more.

The significance of these developments is further manifested by clinical omics taking shape, hospitals adopting new applications, and testing and treatments coming into play that are based on next-generation sequencing or omics data. The results speak a clear language: improved diagnostic tests, and more precise therapeutics.

Here a few highlights – not an all-inclusive summary – of what made 2018 so exciting. Find a more complete list of 2018 news on the enlightenbio Industry News site.

Population studies taking shape

Various population studies/initiatives took shape this year, as demonstrated with projects such as…

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Engaging the crowd: our best bet to reach ambitious goals in healthcare

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across a great number of tools that engage theCoolTown Studios crowd to solve a problem. I wanted to dig a little bit deeper to understand some examples of what has been done using the crowd. Image credit: CoolTown Studio

Crowdsourcing applies to a wide range of different activities, which includes crowd-funding, crowd-voting, crowd-based competition, crowd-based gaming, and the recently added crowdcoding.  Crowdsourcing, before it entered the healthcare sector, was used in gaming and other industries. One particularly well-publicized effort was the  Continue reading